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Slash Web3 Payment is a non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway that utilizes decentralized liquidity and takes advantage of the rapidly expanding web3 wallets to safely execute cross-border transactions with cryptocurrencies.

The Future has
already begun.

By 2030, the number of crypto users is expected to reach 1 billion users worldwide.

Businesses that adapt to this rapid change will come out on top. Incorporate cryptocurrency payments into your business today to bring on this new wave of users and set your company up for success.

Total Crypto Market Cap
1.2T USD(130T yen)
Increase in MetaMask users
+ 3800 %(from 2020)
Crypto users projected by 2030
+ 1 Billion people(by 2030)

What's Slash?

Merchants can accept almost any cryptocurrency for payment in the most efficient way.

Slash Web3 Payment's smart contract automatically fetches the best rate through a decentralized liquidity pool at the time of payment, giving users ease of mind that they're getting the best rate for their preferred token payment. Slash reduces the cryptocurrency volatility risk for merchants and makes business simpler.


and More...

We are currently improving our solution and expanding our networks.


A simple and easy-to-understand UI/UX for a smooth payment experience.

Businesses that adapt to this rapid change will come out on top. Incorporate cryptocurrency payments into your business today to bring on this new wave of users and set your company up for success.

Competitor Comparison

Slash Coingate BitPay Credit
0% 1% 1~2%
+ 25¢
Next day

Merchants receive stablecoins instantly upon settlement without payment processing fees or a cumbersome screening process.

Most PSPs charge transaction fees to merchants but Slash charges zero transaction fees to merchants. Slash also allows for instantaneous settlements, which makes for a smooth payment process.

Payment Flow

2 implementation methods are available with Slash.

For brick and mortar stores, a payment QR code can be printed and displayed next to the cash register, or the QR code image can be downloaded to a cell phone or tablet; for e-commerce, download the payment button from the Slash website and implement Slash payment on your website via our APIs.

for API

Transaction Flow of API Implementation

for QR Code

Transaction Flow of QR code Implementation

1Add Slash via our APIs

Merchants can integrate Slash Pay into their e-commerce sites and add it as a payment method.

1Display the QR code

When making a payment in-store, the member store presents the QR code to the user.

2Select payment token

Slash Pay retrieves the payment amount from the cart at checkout and prompts the user to select a token. The user exchanges the selected token and executes the payment transaction.

2Enter payment amount and select payment token

The user reads the QR code to launch Slash's browser based app, selects the payment amount and payment token, exchanges the tokens, and issues the payment transaction.

3No merchant transaction fees and receive settlements instantly with Slash's solution

Slash uses decentralized liquidity of the selected payment token, and chooses the best route to deliver the funds to the merchants in its desired stablecoin. With no merchant transaction fees, the stablecoins are instantly deposited into the merchant's wallet and reflected onto the Slash dashboard. Payment completion notifications can also be set via email and/or API kickback to the merchant.

5Reflected on the dashboard

The sales received in stablecoins will immediately be reflected on the Slash dashboard.

Slash Products

  • Slash V-Preca SHOP Japan Only

    Users can purchase V-Preca Gifts on the Slash V-Preca SHOP with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins and native tokens of eight different blockchains. We will continue to contribute to the development of the Japanese cryptocurrency market by creating opportunities to use cryptocurrencies in everyday purchases.

    Official Site
  • Slash Card Coming Soon

    Slash Card navigates the regulatory landscape of Japan, providing a fully compliant solution for residents. While other crypto credit card products have existed, regulatory hurdles in Japan have prevented their operation within the country. Slash Card's innovative approach ensures compliance with Japan's stringent crypto and payments regulations, making it the first-ever legal crypto credit card product in Japan.

    Coming soon
  • Slash Vision Portal

    SVL (Slash Vision Labs) is pioneering the transformation of the cryptocurrency payments landscape with its innovative ecosystem, built on the Mantle Network.Embracing decentralization and community empowerment, SVL redistributes 100% of protocol fees back into the ecosystem, rewarding token stakers through the Slash Vision Portal and fostering active participation on Slash Vision Portal.

    Official Site

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  • Whitepaper

    Slash Finance's problem solving strategies, technical details, and token economy details are written in this document.

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